Level 1 - Course Goals

During the Beginning I(a) Language Course, you will:

1. Acquire a receptive vocabulary of 750 – 1000 words or more
2. Acquire an expressive vocabulary of 500 – 750 words or more
3. Follow and give simple two and three step directions
4. Ask and appropriately respond to the basic question forms
5. Know and be able to use (orally) all the numbers up to the millions
6. Participate in an excursion to a restaurant, order a complete meal and orally solicit information from restaurant personnel
7. Make a minimum of four information-seeking telephone calls
8. Become familiar with basic body part terms
9. Engage in simple conversation, and be able to elicit specific information
10. Conduct a minimum of two fifty-question interviews with native speakers

During the Beginning I(b) Language Course, you will:

1. Build receptive vocabulary to 1000 – 1250 words or more
2. Build expressive vocabulary to 750 – 1000 words or more
3. Participate in basic conversation regarding daily work and home activity
4. Be able to proficiently use all chronology vocabulary (i.e. dates, time, etc.)
5. Go on an excursion to a local place of business, participate in a guided tour and ask a minimum of five spontaneous questions during the tour
6. Make a minimum of four telephone calls to local business, agencies or institutions to solicit information on services or products
7. Prepare/conduct interview of 1 – 2 local professionals regarding their work
8. Be able to give directions to office, home, businesses and places of interest
9. Prepare and be able to comfortably give a simple self-introduction
10. Demonstrate basic proficiency in all aforementioned via a mid- and post- course evaluation