Level 2 - Course Goals

During the Advanced Beginner II(a) Language Course, you will:

1. Build receptive vocabulary to 1500 words or more;
2. Build expressive vocabulary of 1,250 words or more;
3. Participate in conversations with native speakers in conditional, situational et.al. functions;
4. Begin to incorporate appropriate number and gender, as well as future and past tenses into informal discourse;
5. Make a minimum of four telephone calls to businesses, organizations, etc., to solicit detailed information regarding operations, products and services;
6. During a phone call, make an appointment to visit with and conduct a formal interview regarding specific aspects of the organization in question;
7. Participate in casual conversation with native speakers and with other students regarding things important to oneself;
8. Work with instructor and other students to develop a formal self-history;
9. Present formal, oral self history in front of a small group and answer questions.

During the Advanced Beginner II(b) Language Course, you will:

1. Continue to build receptive vocabulary;
2. Continue to build expressive vocabulary;
3. Engage in longer and more sophisticated conversation using complex structures and sentences;
4. Orally and in writing, express anger, concern, et.al. emotions as part of casual conversation;
5. Use narration, negotiation, description and persuasion in conversation with peers;
6. Interview and survey other speakers regarding affiliations, preferences or lack of either, probing for specific information;
7. Prepare and conduct a formal presentation format regarding the interviewee’s political preferences;
8. Competently write and self-critique brief essays and narrations on given topics using key structures;
9. Give detailed descriptions of sites, locations, buildings, collections of objects and persons, as well as changes of same.
10. Demonstrate basic proficiency in all aforementioned assessments.